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Vacation Planning Calculator

  If you are considering your very first vacation to Walt Disney World, chances are excellent that you are confused by all of the options available to you. You can try to use Disney's own site, but it can take a long time to put together even a single package - and heaven forbid you decide to start all over, or change a few options.

If you are a seasoned visitor to WDW, you have a better idea of where to start, but you too have probably struggled with all of the different pricing levels found in the various "seasons" for each of the Disney resort hotels, comparing the relative values of the various dining plans, or weighing promotions such as free dining against room only discounts.

It doesn't have to be this difficult!

Simply download our free vacation planning calculator, written in excel format. Unzip it to your PC, and with a few click of your mouse, you can price different vacation packages to your heart's content!

Even better, your calculations are saved to your own "my searches" page, where you can go back and compare the pricing and values of the different choices you may be considering.

The vacation planning calculator is completely free to use; feel free to distribute it to your own friends and family. However, please do not post the file itself online for download; instead, please post links back to this download page. That way, everyone can get the latest updates, bug fixes, and rate data. We hope that you enjoy the utility, and if you have suggestions or feeback, please do not hesitate to let us know!

Click here to download the Vacation Planning Calculator.

Note: macros must be enabled within your copy of excel for the calculator to work correctly.

Attention, Mac users! For some reason, Macs like to save the file as "disney_calculator.zip.html", which gives you a lot of garbage. Rename it to "disney_calculator.zip", then you'll be able to open it properly.

The calculator has been downloaded 5778 times.

Release history
Version Date Notes
1.02 6/15/2011 Updated ticket pricing to reflect this year's increases.
1.01 1/26/2011 Fixed a bug that calculated the dining plan based off of number of park days, not hotel nights. Fixed the date formatting prompt on arrival/departure dates.
1.0 1/25/2011 Initial release