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Magic Kingdom - an Overview

By Olan Suddeth [ 45 ]

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On October 4, 1971, the Florida Magic Kingdom theme park first opened its gates to guests of Walt Disney World. More than any other Florida attraction, this park is credited with starting a tourism boom that has yet to subside.

Compared to its massive present-day size, the park contained only around 20 attractions when it was first unveiled. Currently, there are 40 attractions. Because of the popularity of the California Magic Kingdom park, many of the original attractions were little more than copies of what filled the other popular location.

The Magic Kingdom is divided into several different areas, each presenting guests with a different type of attractions, shows, eateries and shops.

Main Street U.S.A.
This well-known section of the Magic Kingdom takes users back to small town America of the early 1900s. The décor mirrored the memories that Walt Disney brought from his own childhood. Guests feel like they are immersed in small town America when they walk in this section of the park. Even the customer service center is a part of the small town, being called City Hall.

A park focusing on small town America would not be complete without a tribute to baseball! One of the most common eateries in Main Street U.S.A. serves guests a variety of ballpark favorites including hotdogs and French fries.

There are no ride-on attractions on Main Street, instead the area serves as an entryway to the rest of the park and contains many different themed shops, including an old-fashioned working barbershop complete with a spinning barber pole!

Adventureland takes guests into the world of Africa, Asia and the South Pacific with a variety of attractions designed to help guests remove themselves to the far off jungles of distant lands.

Here are some of the attractions to be found in Adventureland:
• The Jungle Cruise
• The Tiki Room
• Tarzan’s Tree house
• The Pirates of the Caribbean
• Swiss Family Tree house

There is a fantastic show featuring Captain Jack Sparrow that enables pirates-in-training to get a quick tutorial on the way of the pirate.

Frontierland takes guests back to the Wild West and the world of cowboys and Indians. There are many very popular attractions in Frontierland that you won’t want to miss The Country Bear Jamboree, The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain

Mickey’s Toontown Fair
For the littlest guests, this is probably a favorite location within the Magic Kingdom. Small scale rides feature Disney’s most loved cartoon characters coupled with other kid-friendly attractions make it a favorite of many guests. This area was renamed from Mickey’s Birthdayland in 1996.

Liberty Square
Liberty Square takes guests back to the 1700s and the time of the American Revolution. The Liberty Belle Riverboat is one of the attractions that you won’t want to miss here. You will also want to catch The Haunted Mansion and The Hall of Presidents

Fantasyland is just that – where the fantasies of children begin. The most well-known characters of Disney are contained in this portion of the park, which includes Cinderella’s Castle, Ariel’s Grotto, Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the ever endearing It’s a Small World Ride.

You should plan to spend plenty of time in Fantasyland, because you will suddenly be transported back to your childhood memories.

Tomorrowland was Walt Disney’s attempt to show guests that with the help of the world’s major corporations we can move successfully to a utopian future with the development of technology. One of the most rapidly changing areas of the Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland is home to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Space Mountain

Making Your Way through the Magic Kingdom
First, you should definitely be prepared to spend a lot of time walking through the Magic Kingdom. While there are transportation options, most people find strolling down Main Street U.S.A. and the other lands of the Magic Kingdom as entertaining as the attractions themselves.

For a scenic and relaxing ride through the Magic Kingdom, you might want to consider the Disney World Railroad. You can also travel by firetruck, omnibus or horseless carriage from Cinderella’s Castle!

FastPass Attractions
• Jungle Cruise
• Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -
• Splash Mountain
• Mickey's PhilharMagic
• Peter Pan's Flight
• Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
• Space Mountain
• Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
• Stitch’s Great Escape

Top Ten Things to Do at The Magic Kingdom:

1. The Hall of Presidents – Children and adults of all ages will be amazed at how realistic this attraction is and how it quickly takes guests on a trip through history through narration by many of America’s former leaders.

2. It’s a Small World – This simple boat ride can definitely become irritating the tenth time around, but you’ll still find yourself agreeing to another ride. The costuming of the children featured on this attraction is simply beautiful!

3. Space Mountain – You won’t want to miss the leading thrill-ride in the Magic Kingdom.

4. The Railroad – Perhaps the most efficient and visually inviting method of transportation around the Magic Kingdom. Save your steps and consider taking the Railroad.

5. Mickey’s PhilharMagic Concert Hall – This 12 minute long attraction has something for everyone. You won’t believe the power of Disney animation!

6. Country Bear Jamboree – This entertaining attraction is an absolute must for all guests visiting the Magic Kingdom.

7. The Fireworks – If you are lucky enough to be visiting the Magic Kingdom in the late evening, you definitely won’t want to miss the most amazing fireworks display that you have ever seen.

8. The Pirates of the Caribbean – The recently remodeled ride is commonly known for being the inspiration behind the movie of the same name. Now, the movie has inspired updates to the well-loved attraction to make it even more enjoyable for guests of all ages!

9. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – This massive railroad style coaster is one of the most well-known attractions in the Magic Kingdom. This wild ride through one of Florida’s tallest mountains (the other being Space Mountain!) is a definite must see!

10. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin – This new addition to the Magic Kingdom is one that you won’t want to miss. Pilot a spaceship through an exciting adventure where you can save the toy world from the evil Emporer Zurg!

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