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Dinsey's Boardwalk Inn

By Olan Suddeth [ 45 ]

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If you are looking for a hotel for your vacationing needs, one that will allow for fun and freedom, along with views and a price that fits, then the Boardwalk Inn is a perfect solution.

It appears to the eye as if it is a mini Walt Disney World itself with action and people all around. The games never cease at this children�s paradise with pools, views and awesome action.

The Boardwalk Inn is located at 2101 Epcot Resorts Boulevard and offers a wide selection of rooms, including non-smoking and smoking in separate locations and options such as ceiling fans, double sinks, coffeemakers, minibars and private balconies and private patios. Options are numberless as are the rooms which include everything from a basic high quality room to an expensive, everything included suite. The Boardwalk Inn is a private feeling Inn where everything is lakeside and everything will remind you of Cinderella�s dream castle.

The hotel offers services such as, arcades, watercraft rentals, pool usage, room service and probably most important to the parents- numerous children�s playgrounds! While they take advantage of the play- zones you can take rest knowing that the prices are great, affordable and the rates are not eating your credit card! This deluxe resort starts at barely $200 a night. But for the complete suite and complete vacation package, guests have been known do dip into the $3,000 line easily on a per night basis. The Boardwalk Inn is a fancy, family oriented resort.

Not only will your kids thank you but you will enjoy the hotel's feel and fun. All the rooftops are shingled with a dark red color that aids to the castle feeling and the private gardens and courtyards make this a great romantic hit for a honeymoon or anniversary. With busy nightclubs and gift shops right on the same boardwalk as the Inn you will never run out of options while you are on vacation!

The Boardwalk Inn was developed to try and re-capture the olden day�s bed and breakfasts but with a newer charm that will let you know that you're in the year 2007. While rooms are equipped with cable television and high speed internet, they are also made to allow you to feel a bit of history and past days gone by. It does this by melding old fashion styles with new technology throughout the hotel. It will make you feel right at home, yet back in the 1940�s at the same time.

The high-speed internet access and wi-fi connection will allow you to use the internet for your entire out of the office needs, as well as for recreational purposes. There is not a place in the hotel where you won�t receive internet access.

So with rates that cannot be beat in the Disney location, the Boardwalk Inn shows guests that they are number one with all the various services and options. The Boardwalk Inn- a choice for the vacationer looking for a romantic get-away, a long-past bed and breakfast or a family fun zone!

Article Copyright By Author. All Rights Reserved.    Date Added: March 08, 2007

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