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The Best Money Saving Tip for Disney World Accomodations: Just Ask!

By Olan Suddeth [ 45 ]

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So, you want to go to Walt Disney World, and you want the entire magical experience - you're planning to stay on site at one of the fantastic Disney resorts. Good for you! The only issue is, those resorts can be really expensive.

If you are interested in saving hundreds (or in some cases, more than a thousand) dollars on your Disney World resort, follow this ultra secret insider advice.

Just ask for a discount.

That's right! Disney has many discounts on accomodations. However, most of them are never advertised. They will absoltuely never show up on the easy to use (but frequently pricier method) Disney World website. Reservation agents will likewise almost never offer to tell you about these discounts. But yes, they do exist.

Note: some agents are more knowledgable (and friendly) than others. If you are not satisfied with the results of one call, simply hang up and call again. Your odds of speaking to the same operator are next to nil, and you can get a much better discount with a smart, motivated employee on the other end of the phone.

Your Secret Disney PIN Code
First of all, disney has a "secret" list of people that they send occasional postcards and emails to with offers of great discounts. If you have ever received any sort of mail from Disney - be it email or snail mail - there is a chance that you have one of these codes associated with your name. All you have to do is ask the agent to check to see if you have a PIN or discount code. These codes change frequently; even if you do not have a code now, it does not mean you won't have one in the near future. Call regularly, and keep asking! If your name does pull up a code, the agent will be happy to apply it to your reservation; unless it is for a specific time frame, you won't have to rebook to take advantage of the discount.

If you are not on Disney's list, you need to get on it. Make sure to register with disney.com (http://register.go.com/disney/indexhome), and check the boxes that indicate you are interested in Walt Disney World. Next, go to DisneyWorld.com (https://secure.disney.go.com/wdw/myVacation/vpk) and request a free vacation planning video. Also, there is evidence to suggest that people who subscribe to various Disney publications, those who are on DisneyShopping.com (http://www.mousesavers.com/disneyshopping.html) mailing lists, and those who use a Disney Rewards Visa card (http://www.mousesavers.com/misc.html#disneyvisa) may also be targeted for these special discount codes.

Please note that you MUST have a PIN or personal discount code in your name - you cannot use one from a friend or relative. These discounts (which can sometimes reach as high as 40% off) are unique to an individual, and may not be transferred.

Invitational Upgrades
You may also ask the reservation agent if any invitational upgrades or other specials are available. Again, these are not advertised, but if you ask, they will check for you. Frequently, these will allow you to stay in a moderate resort for little more than the price of a value, or in a deluxe resort for little more than the price of a moderate.

Those Who Never Ask Never Receive
When you check in, don't be afraid to ask if any room upgrades are available. This is strictly subject to availability and to the whim of the cast member checking you in, but it is quite possible for you to get a room upgrade (such as a better bed or better view) for little or nothing.

There you go! No scams, no renting of points, no need to sit through a high-pressure timeshare sales pitch. If you want to save money on your Disney World accomodations, you now know what to do: just ask!

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