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Budget Hotels Make Disney World Vacations a Viable Option

By Olan Suddeth [ 45 ]

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Finding inexpensive lodging in and around the Walt Disney World Resort properties can be a challenging experience. In fact, I would not dream of recommending anyone attempt such an accomplishment unless they were doing so well ahead of the time that he or she would like to attend. Making reservations in advance will ensure availability and that you aren't going to be stranded for the night. Even during non-peak Disney seasons there are other conventions and events that take place in the Orlando area.

Many people tend to forget that even without the Disney theme parks, Orlando is a thriving city in its own right. There are businesses, restaurants, stores, and other attractions that are widely available throughout the area. No one is denying that Disney is a major draw and much of the money made in Orlando is a direct result of the booming tourism industry, however, there are occasionally local events that may cause a crunch in for inexpensive to moderately expensive hotel rooms.

There are all kinds of websites that offer quick solutions to the hotel crunch and will even provide reservations for you. A few examples of this would be www.hotels.com, www.expedia.com, www.tripadvisor.com, and www.hotwire.com. Each of these can help you find cheaper accommodations in the Orlando area as well as providing some photographs and information about the hotels.

By doing a simple search at www.hotels.com I found 5 hotel rooms during the month November for less than 50 dollars per night. There were also room for more healthy budgets that will offer more amenities, but my focus here is budget hotel rooms. Some of the hotels that offered these very affordable rooms were three star hotels, while most were one or two star hotels. How much time are you really going to be spending in your hotel room?

If you are a little more inventive, have a little time on your hands, or believe in absolute frugality; you may find that doing a little searching on your own may net better results. Try going to national chains that cater to a budget crowd such as: www.super8.com, www.motel6.com, and www.bestwestern.com to find better deals. You can also do Internet searched in order to find some local hotels that might beat offers on national chains.

The key to getting a good price on your hotel room is to book multiple days (most hotels offer a discount the longer you stay) and book well in advance to insure that the hotel you want will have a room available for you. It never hurts to compare prices and if there is a comparable hotel that you prefer that cost a little more than another it won't hurt to haggle. The hotels know that a room that is booked at a lower rate still earns them more money than an empty room would. Call them up and see what you can work out. Also ask the hotel if they have discounted tickets to area attractions available. Some will have package deals that you can purchase at a slightly (or on occasion significantly) discounted price. Your budget capacity shouldn't prevent you from having a great Walt Disney World vacation, especially when there are plenty of budget friendly hotels available in the area.

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