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Name: Baloo
A character from: The Jungle Book

photo by: Jessica from Orlando

photo by: Joanna from Closter, NJ
Frequency: Regular

This character is a regular to Walt Disney World, and should be easy to find - provided that you know where to look. Characters like this often have one assigned meet and greet location.

Where to find this character: Baloo is typically found along with King Louie in Animal Kingdom, at his new location in Camp Minnie-Mickey.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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  2014-08-27 - Epcot: United Kingdom. World Showplace

  2014-05-30 - Epcot: Other. World Showplace

  2014-01-14 - Epcot: American Adventure.

  2012-09-15 - Epcot: Other. world showplace

  2012-08-02 (by Brian from -) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey. In the Greeting Trails usually all day

photo by: John from
2012-07-20 (by John) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

  2012-06-27 - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

  2012-06-12 (by DAVID K. from brentwood PA) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

photo by: Reem from BHN
2012-05-08 (by Reem from BHN) - Animal Kingdom: Other. On the path between Africa and Asia. You will find them on the side so keep a look out.

photo by: Reto from Dierikon, LU - Switzerland
2011-11-08 (by Reto from Dierikon, LU - Switzerland) - Animal Kingdom: Africa. 9:35am - Main road between Africa and Asia.
Baloo's first sets of the day tend to take place directly on the Africa-Asia road rather than in his location on the little side path.

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