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Lunar Wolf Power Ranger

Name: Lunar Wolf Power Ranger
A character from: the Show The Power Rangers

photo by: Amy from Kissimmee Florida
Frequency: Retired

Unfortunately, this character no longer makes appearances. It would take a true slice of Disney magic to give you the chance to see this character again.

Where to find this character: Since this character is retired, there is no specific plan for finding them. It is possible that they would make an appearance at a special event, or perhaps at one of the greeting locations that cater to more unusual characters (such as the lobby of Contemporary Resort, the American Adventure pavillion in Epcot, or the Animation Building at Hollywood Studios - especially in late afternoon). You should not hold your breath, however, as a character that is deemed to be retired is usually done so for a good reason - i.e. they have not been seen for months (or years), or we have obtained specific information that states that the character will not be returning.

If you do happen to spot this character, please let us know!

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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  2012-04-24 (by Jenibelle from YQo9AF4DV3) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Train Station (a.k.a. Teardrop area). Well put, sir, well put. I'll cerintaly make note of that.
Well put, sir, well put. I'll cerintaly make note of that.

photo by: Amy from Kissimmee Florida
2007-02-14 (by Amy from Kissimmee Florida) - Hollywood Studios

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