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Name: Silvermist
A character from: The Disney Fairies

photo by: Cindy from
Frequency: Rare

This rare character can only be found with a lot of dilligence (or a nice helping of luck). They are not normally scheduled for meet and greet activities.

Where to find this character: Silvermist was once a regular meet and greet fairy, but those days appear to be gone. Your best bet would be to check Tinker Bell's meet and greet at the Adventureland Verandah - just as you cross the bridge from the castle, this indoor location will be on your right.

Tinker Bell is always available, but you can never predict which of the other fairies is meeting with her at a given time. Usually, there will be one; every now and then, you might get to meet two.

Silvermist is a rare find... and may, in fact, be retired.

Of all of the faeries, it seems that Silvermist has always been the most difficult to meet.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
Note: click on any thumbnail below to see the larger version of that photo (will replace the main image above).
  2010-04-14 - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow.

  2010-03-07 - Resort/Other: Other. At the 2010 Princess Half Marathon.

  2010-02-19 (by brian from scranton) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow. princess meet n greet is here too
ryan hate the the disney faires

photo by: Brenna from
2009-09-06 (by Brenna) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow.

  2009-06-09 (by Kayla from Illinois) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Hall of Fame. Inside the Toontown Hall of Fame Tent on the left side of Mickey's Toontown Fair.

photo by: Joanna from Closter, NJ
2009-03-29 (by Joanna from Closter, NJ) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow.

photo by: Amy from Kissimmee
2009-03-07 (by Amy from Kissimmee) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow.

  2009-01-15 (by Ben from North Branch, Minnesota) - Magic Kingdom: Toontown - Pixie Hollow.

photo by: Cindy from
2008-11-11 (by Cindy) - We saw Silvermist at Pixie Hollow at Magic Kingdom in Toontown
It was during the Christmas Party, but I think she is out other times too.

  1989-05-16 (by Essie from FNgFpiogiTWbC) - Magic Kingdom: Town Square. Great thinking! That really bearks the mold!
Great thinking! That really bearks the mold!

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