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Snow Prince

Name: Snow Prince
A character from: Snow White

photo by: Joanna from Closter, NJ
Frequency: Rare

This rare character can only be found with a lot of dilligence (or a nice helping of luck). They are not normally scheduled for meet and greet activities.

Where to find this character: Snow White's Prince - formerly only meetable at special events - has been spotted from time to time. He's still quite rare, but you do have a chance to meet him these days.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
Note: click on any thumbnail below to see the larger version of that photo (will replace the main image above).
  2013-02-12 - Magic Kingdom: Town Square.

  2013-02-08 - Epcot: Other. Future world

  2011-10-11 - Magic Kingdom: Town Square. In town hall during MNSSHP

  2011-10-08 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.
Was out as a special guest I think because of the rain

  2011-09-18 (by Philip from Celebration) - Magic Kingdom: Other. In the Hub in front of the castle, since the 2:15 "Dream Along with Mickey" show was cancelled.

photo by: Alexis from Maine
2011-07-07 (by Alexis from Maine) - Epcot: Character Spot. Outside the back of Epcot charater spot

  2010-06-09 - Epcot: Character Spot.

  2010-03-07 - Resort/Other: Other. At the 2010 Princess Half Marathon.

photo by: Jeremiah from Ft Lauderdale , FL
2010-02-24 (by Jeremiah from Ft Lauderdale , FL) - Magic Kingdom: Other. Rare Party Location at the Back Of Fantasy. Near Poohs Playful Spot
Never even SEEN this guy Before this. I KNOW hes rare

  2010-01-10 - Magic Kingdom: Other. During the Celebrate a dream come true parade

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