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Name: Bolt
A character from: Bolt

photo by: Amy from Kissimmee

photo by: Joanna from Closter, NJ
Frequency: Hit or miss

This character is certainly findable, but they tend to run hot and cold - your chances of meeting them can vary by the week (or even by the day!). Know where to look, and be patient.

Where to find this character: Bolt sometimes meets near the Big Hat at Hollywood Studios. He is the only one of the Bolt characters that you have any decent chance to meet, however.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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  2013-02-05 - Epcot: Other. Fountain of Nations in Future World.

photo by: Ben Waldburger from Columbus, Ohio
2012-10-02 (by Ben Waldburger from Columbus, Ohio) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.
I had spotted Bolt at the Animation Building on one of my days off during the College Program. At the time, I was sure he had been retired.

When I was about to leave the area, I saw a character in white fur walk by. By the time I noticed the lightning bolt "birthmark" on his side, I was like, 'Oh, it's just Bolt.' I suddenly did a double take, 'BOLT?!'

Almost faster than you could say 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious', I got out my autograph book and got in line. Needless to say, he was ecstatic about my Mary Poppins parrot, which I had brought with me to the park. It was pretty funny, even he was giggling a bit. After we had gotten a few pictures together and before I went on my way, I stopped, looked back to him and said, 'Rhino was right. You ARE be-awesome!' I'm pretty sure that comment made his day.

photo by: Meghann & Madison from Oviedo, FL
2012-09-09 (by Meghann & Madison from Oviedo, FL) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building. Characterpalooza

  2012-08-09 (by Brandon from Rutherford) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2012-08-04 (by Connor from Richmond, VA) - Hollywood Studios: Luigi's Garage. Villains shift is occasional at the Animation Building, starting around 5 PM with 25 minute shifts every once in a while.

  2012-06-28 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2011-05-26 - Epcot: Other. World Showplace between Canada and UK

  2011-02-25 (by Jeffrey from Bloomington, IL) - Epcot: Other. In front of Fountain (adjacent to Club Cool) along with Jimmeny Cricket. Can only assume he is part of Random Character Meet-n-Greet at Epcot.

  2010-09-18 (by David) - Epcot: Other. Outside Club Cool in fron of the Fountain

  2010-09-05 (by David) - Epcot: Character Spot.

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