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Tweedle Dee

Name: Tweedle Dee
A character from: Alice in Wonderland

photo by: MM from
Frequency: Hit or miss

This character is certainly findable, but they tend to run hot and cold - your chances of meeting them can vary by the week (or even by the day!). Know where to look, and be patient.

Where to find this character: Specific character info coming soon!

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
Note: click on any thumbnail below to see the larger version of that photo (will replace the main image above).
  2012-09-22 - Hollywood Studios: Big Hat.

  2011-09-18 (by Philip from Celebration) - Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland - Teacups.

  2011-07-06 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2010-12-05 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2010-07-31 (by Philip from Celebration) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

2010-07-14 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

photo by: Lilly from Ft. Campbell, Ky
2010-05-04 (by Lilly from Ft. Campbell, Ky) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2010-03-07 - Resort/Other: Other. At the 2010 Princess Half Marathon.

photo by: michael from polson
2010-02-10 (by michael from polson) - Magic Kingdom: Fantasyland - Teacups. It was at the beginning of the day through the end of the day.
When I first found them they had to take a break but the white rabbit I got then I saw them again and they took another break and then at the end of the day I got them but I had to get the White Rabbit twice.

  2010-01-25 (by Annabelle) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

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