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Name: Carl
A character from: the movie Up!
Frequency: Retired

Unfortunately, this character no longer makes appearances. It would take a true slice of Disney magic to give you the chance to see this character again.

Where to find this character: Carl and the other characters from Up! have been removed from regular meet and greet activities, and are retired for all practical purposes.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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  2013-04-10 - Animal Kingdom: Discovery Island. With Russell & Dug
I was not there, but I know Carl Fredrickson came out with Russell and Dug, wearing Easter Bunny Ears, over the Easter holidays, but yo have Carl as a retired character :( So I do not know if you want to know this so you can change his status... but i think he is still going to be an event/very rare character to come across

  2011-05-13 (by Philip from Celebration) - Epcot: Other. Inside World Showplace, as part of the Pixar Celebration Weekend.

  2010-04-21 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.
May 1st is the Up character's last day!

  2009-08-22 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2009-07-10 (by Philip from Celebration) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

  2009-05-23 (by Philip from Celebration) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

2009-05-18 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.
Kevin pops in from the left and right... he's a hoot too!

  2009-05-15 - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

photo by: Debbie from IN
2009-05-15 (by Debbie from IN) - Hollywood Studios: Animation Building.

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