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Miss Bunny

Name: Miss Bunny
A character from: Bambi

photo by: Reem from BHN
Frequency: Event character

This rare character only appears during certain special events.

Where to find this character: Sadly, as of June 4th, Miss Bunny no longer appear for regular character meet and greets. Apparently, she will be out at Easter, but it is doutbful that she will be around at other times.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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2014-07-11 - Animal Kingdom: Oasis (in front of park).

photo by: Reem from BHN
2012-05-08 (by Reem from BHN) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.
This character does not have his own area but do stand in one spot. They are not always there and are interchanged with others like Thumper, Terk and Pocahontas.

  2011-09-15 (by Philip from Celebration) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

photo by: Kimberly from Baltimore
2011-09-04 (by Kimberly from Baltimore) - Animal Kingdom: Other. They both walked out together. They were right by The Lion King Show. They came out around afternoon time.

photo by: Robbie from Houston, Tx
2011-04-10 (by Robbie from Houston, Tx) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey. Outside of Camp Minnie and Mickey most of the day

  2010-12-06 - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

photo by: Christie from NJ
2010-10-12 (by Christie from NJ) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey. They were together around 2PM in between Lion King shows.

  2010-06-23 - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey. Good Times Gathering Spot.

  2010-06-04 - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

  2010-05-25 - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

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