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Jack Sparrow

Name: Jack Sparrow
A character from: Pirates of the Caribbean

photo by: Alexis from Maine
Frequency: Rare

This rare character can only be found with a lot of dilligence (or a nice helping of luck). They are not normally scheduled for meet and greet activities.

Where to find this character: Jack Sparrow, the widly popular pirate captain from Disney's megahit "Pirates of the Carribean" franchise, is once again performing meets and greets - but only on rare occasions.

Your best chance is still to attend the Pirate Tutorial outside of the Pirates of the Carribean attraction. You should be able to get good pictures farily easily, but unfortunately, this is not a meet and greet - Jack does not, as a rule, pose for pictures with guests, nor does he sign autographs.

There have been scattered reports of guests managing to snag a quick pic or get a one-off autograph as Jack enters or leaves this area, but those are few and far between.

However, there have also been reports that Jack has done meet and greets with guests at the Internation Gateway in Epcot, and an insider source confirms that he is no longer considered to be completely retired from meet and greet activites.

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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photo by: Logan J Kelly from Sunrise
2012-10-25 (by Logan J Kelly from Sunrise) - Magic Kingdom: Adventureland - Pirates of the Carribean. Not exactly there, but right by " Pirates Of The Caribbean. "
" Mickey's Not - So - Scary Halloween Party! "

photo by: Meghann n Madison from Oviedo
2012-10-12 (by Meghann n Madison from Oviedo) - Magic Kingdom: Adventureland - Pirates of the Carribean.

  2012-08-17 - Epcot: International Gateway.

photo by: Candace from Manassas, Va
2012-01-12 (by Candace from Manassas, Va) - Resort/Other: Other. 2013 half marathon

photo by: Alexis from Maine
2011-12-16 (by Alexis from Maine) - Magic Kingdom: Adventureland - Pirates of the Carribean. Pirate tutorial Magic Kingdom

  2011-09-13 - Magic Kingdom: Adventureland - Pirates of the Carribean. He is out for the Halloween Parties this year

  2011-08-31 (by Philip from Celebration) - Epcot: Character Spot.

  2011-08-29 (by Sammy from Louisville) - Epcot: International Gateway.

  2010-06-02 (by David) - Epcot: International Gateway.

  2010-06-01 - Epcot: International Gateway.

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