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Jiminy Cricket

Name: Jiminy Cricket
A character from: Pinocchio

photo by: shirley from oviedo, fl

photo by: Matt from Port Orange, FL
Frequency: Unusual

This character does make appearances, but is probably not in any sort of heavy rotation. You usually have to be persistent (or lucky) to find them.

Where to find this character: Jiminy is once again a relatively tough character to find. for the past couple of years, he has appeared daily at Rafiki's Plant Watch in Animal Kingdom, but this has come to an end. your best bet is now at Characterpalooza (random character meets at the Anmation Building in Hollywood Stuudios).

Recent Sightings of this Character (Add your sighting!)
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photo by: shirley from oviedo, fl
2012-09-29 (by shirley from oviedo, fl) - Epcot: Other. Near the Fountain

  2012-09-03 (by Bryan from New York) - Dining: Chef Mickey's. Oddly we saw him at CM along with a bunch of strange chraracters, It was almost like minne and all them were bringing dates..

  2012-07-29 - Epcot: Other. Future World

  2011-12-03 - Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch. As of 5:15 today Jiminy Cricket has been Retired.

  2011-09-17 (by Philip from Celebration) - Epcot: Other. Near the Future World fountain.

  2011-09-15 (by Philip from Celebration) - Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch.

  2011-05-09 (by david from brentwood pa) - Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch. He was by the conservation conversation.

photo by: Robbie from Houston, Tx
2011-04-11 (by Robbie from Houston, Tx) - Animal Kingdom: Rafiki's Planet Watch. You can find him at this location throughout the day
Also here can be Rafiki, Pocahontas and Meeko

photo by: Alexis from Maine
2011-02-27 (by Alexis from Maine) - Epcot: Character Spot. Hallway outside Character Spot.

  2010-08-15 (by David) - Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie-Mickey.

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